R1 : Rule 1... and only ! I have a final say on issues.[EXC: G3]

Notice that : One could object with some reason that, given such a rule, the following could barely be considered rules [EXC: G3]: that is why I call them Guidelines hereafter.

G1 (Guideline 1) on TDs' role

Example : Dan Best considered a game of past March Madness not meaningful for, after an error was discovered, it had to be conceded. Even though players may object to that, that is what has been done for AREA purposes.
Example 2 : Bret Hildebran told me he considers World Cup games as part of the competitive plays of ASLOK. Even though some players claim they are really close to friendly games, they are considered as competitive (see G2).

G2 (Guideline 2) : on game's eligibility

Notice that games are not played for AREA chits. They are played for a tournament. That fact alone makes them suitable for gauging the relative strenght of the players involved. That is why a player is not asked in advance nor afterwards if it is okay to take that game into account for AREA.
Does this mean an individual has no word on his/her being used in the rating/ranking system ? Well, yes and no : read on this on Guideline 3.
No brain examples : each round of ASL Chicago Open is taken into account for AREA.
No brain counter-example : play-test games played during ASLOK do not count for AREA chits.
One example : a game was adjudicated for time limit problems. Does it count ? Christian Koppemeyer told me to count as a Draw the 2008 final between Peter Struijf and Francois Boudrenghien and so I did. A game between me and Klas Malmstrom was adjudicated against me on 2005. Since Peter reported it to me a loss for me, so it is declared in the data-base.
Another one : the game involved a playtest, does it count ? ASLOK always avoids play-test, even when a Mini is organized around playtest like Peter Shelling does. These games are therefore ignored. GRENADIER, on the other hand, had a special round on session 2008 with scenarios in Beta-release state. They counted for Christian so they count for me.

G3 (Guideline 3) : on people's taking part or not

    Somebody may prefer to stay out of the AREA system and has perfectly the right to decide so. Just drop me an email and I'll write you off.
    Please notice that this will only remove your name from reports but you will stay as a virtual player and your games will have an impact on others' ratings.
    You may not object having your name on the different reports but prefer not to be ranked. In that case, click here.
    Your ranking will become "virtual" and won't be displayed. You won't appear on the list of ranked players and won't have a personal record page. Yet, you'll appear on the summary pages of the tournament you have attended.
    I have applied this option to the few (and yet too many) players who have alas past away.
    By default, I assume you are willing to be ranked in ASL for you participate to tournaments. That is why I have taken the liberty to include players on the data-base. I hope nobody takes offense for that.

G4 (Guideline 4) : on names

    The system uses and displays names.
You may dislike this to the extent of rather being left out of it : see G3 in that case.
    I do not accept pseudos instead of names. Yet some options are available.
For the moment, the options available are as follows.
  • [1] : First_Name Last_Name. => EX : Philippe BRIAUX.
  • [2] : Adding a nickname. =>EX : Bruno "nitro" Nitrosso (nitro being my pseudo on the forum).
  • [3] : Replacing one's first name by a short name. =>EX : "Terry Gray" instead of "Terence Gray".
  • [4] : Using first name initials only. => EX : "J. R. Tracy"
  • By default, I use what TDs have which usually is either 1 or 3. Write me an email if you'd like to switch to another option.