Detailed recap of all games for West Coast Rumble [WCR_15]

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"West Coast Rumble" (9th edition)
November-2015 Vancouver Canada
10 Players from 2 Countries 20 games played
Winner : darren KOVACS 2nd : Rick WHITE3rd : Mike RODGERS

Round 1 (2015-11-06)

Rick WHITE (Def.,A) ::: beats ... david WOLFE (Att.,X) in OA29
rich joseph JENULIS (Def.,X) ::: beats ... darren KOVACS (Att.,A) in 170
george KELLN (Def.,X) ::: beats ... Dave HOWARTH (Att.,A) in OA29
steve SLUNT (Def.,X) ::: beats ... Jim RUDEK (Att.,A) in TAC51 L'union fait la force (Strength Through Unity)
Bill SLUNT (Def.,X) ::: ties w/ ... Mike RODGERS (Att.,A) in OA29

Round 2 (2015-11-07)

Dave HOWARTH (Att.,X) ::: beats ... Jim RUDEK (Def.,A)
david WOLFE (Att.,X) ::: beats ... Bill SLUNT (Def.,A)
rich joseph JENULIS (Att.,X) ::: beats ... george KELLN (Def.,A) in SP153 The Wrong Side of Victory
Rick WHITE (Att.,A) ::: beats ... steve SLUNT (Def.,X)
darren KOVACS (Def.,X) ::: beats ... Mike RODGERS (Att.,A)

Round 3 (2015-11-07)

Jim RUDEK (Att.,A) ::: ties w/ ... Bill SLUNT (Def.,X)
george KELLN (Def.,X) ::: beats ... steve SLUNT (Att.,A) in I Buchholz Station
Mike RODGERS (Def.,A) ::: beats ... david WOLFE (Att.,X) in FT181
Rick WHITE (Def.,A) ::: beats ... rich joseph JENULIS (Att.,X) in SP 80 Die Gurkha Die!
darren KOVACS (Att.,X) ::: beats ... Dave HOWARTH (Def.,A)

Round 4 (2015-11-08)

darren KOVACS (Att.,X) ::: beats ... Rick WHITE (Def.,A) in RPT 7 Romanian Hammers
Mike RODGERS (Def.,A) ::: beats ... george KELLN (Att.,X) in J103 Lenin's Sons
steve SLUNT (Def.,A) ::: beats ... rich joseph JENULIS (Att.,X) in RPT 7 Romanian Hammers
david WOLFE (Att.,X) ::: beats ... Jim RUDEK (Def.,A) in WP15
Bill SLUNT (Def.,A) ::: beats ... Dave HOWARTH (Att.,X) in RPT25 Cornwall's Rum Ration