Detailed recap of all games for Supporting Fire [SUPPF_14]

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"Supporting Fire" (3th edition)
November-2014 Boras Sweden
18 Players from 5 Countries 41 games played
Winner : melvin FALK 2nd : 3rd :

Round 1 (2014-10-17)

melvin FALK (Def.,A) ::: beats ... kirby VINCENT (Att.,X) in J103 Lenin's Sons
tomas TURESSON ::: beats ... anders OLSSON in SP225
mikko LUKKARI ::: beats ... tomas VESTELIND in SP225
Lars Robert GREGORSON ::: beats ... stefan NILSSON in SP225
andreas LARSSON ::: beats ... derek WARD in SP225
timo KÄRNÄ ::: beats ... mikael AHL in SP223
mattias BERGWALL (Att.,X) ::: beats ... sami PELKONEN (Def.,A) in J103 Lenin's Sons
fredrik SCHEUER (Def.,A) ::: beats ... martin HOUMøLLER (Att.,X) in J103 Lenin's Sons

Round 2 (2014-10-17)

melvin FALK (Att.,A) ::: beats ... andreas LARSSON (Def.,X) in AP34 Bocage Blockage
timo KÄRNÄ ::: beats ... Lars Robert GREGORSON in J137
mikael AHL ::: beats ... tomas VESTELIND in J137
fredrik SCHEUER ::: beats ... tomas TURESSON in J137
mattias BERGWALL ::: beats ... mikko LUKKARI in J137
martin HOUMøLLER ::: beats ... anders OLSSON in J137
stefan NILSSON ::: beats ... ola NYGåRDS in J137
andreas CARLSSON ::: beats ... sami PELKONEN in J137
derek WARD (Def.,X) ::: beats ... kirby VINCENT (Att.,A) in AP34 Bocage Blockage

Round 3 (2014-10-18)

mikael AHL (Att.,A) ::: beats ... tomas TURESSON (Def.,X) in AP45 Reaping Rewards
ola NYGåRDS (Att.,A) ::: beats ... kirby VINCENT (Def.,X) in AP45 Reaping Rewards
stefan NILSSON (Att.,A) ::: beats ... anders OLSSON (Def.,X) in AP45 Reaping Rewards
melvin FALK (Def.,X) ::: beats ... timo KÄRNÄ (Att.,A) in AP45 Reaping Rewards
sami PELKONEN ::: beats ... andreas LARSSON in A70
mikko LUKKARI ::: beats ... Lars Robert GREGORSON in A70
martin HOUMøLLER ::: beats ... tomas VESTELIND in A70
derek WARD ::: beats ... fredrik SCHEUER in A70

Round 4 (2014-10-18)

Lars Robert GREGORSON ::: beats ... sami PELKONEN in PB2 Howard's Men
anders OLSSON ::: beats ... kirby VINCENT in PB2 Howard's Men
ola NYGåRDS (Def.,A) ::: beats ... tomas VESTELIND (Att.,X) in DASL C Smoke the Kents
martin HOUMøLLER (Att.,X) ::: beats ... timo KÄRNÄ (Def.,A) in DASL C Smoke the Kents
stefan NILSSON (Att.,X) ::: beats ... mikko LUKKARI (Def.,A) in DASL C Smoke the Kents
melvin FALK (Def.,A) ::: beats ... derek WARD (Att.,X) in DASL C Smoke the Kents
fredrik SCHEUER ::: beats ... mikael AHL in A70
tomas TURESSON ::: beats ... andreas LARSSON in 96

Round 5 (2014-10-19)

andreas LARSSON ::: beats ... anders OLSSON in RPT76
stefan NILSSON ::: beats ... kirby VINCENT in RPT76
andreas CARLSSON ::: beats ... fredrik SCHEUER in RPT76
derek WARD ::: beats ... Lars Robert GREGORSON in RPT76
mikko LUKKARI ::: beats ... mikael AHL in RPT73
timo KÄRNÄ ::: beats ... tomas TURESSON in PBP28 Peningkibaru Push
melvin FALK (Att.,A) ::: beats ... martin HOUMøLLER (Def.,X) in J116 Brigade Hill
sami PELKONEN ::: beats ... tomas VESTELIND in RPT76