Detailed recap of all games for San Marino Con [SMAR_14]

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"San Marino Con" (6th edition)
May-2014 San Marino Italy
4 Players from 2 Countries 6 games played
Winner : paolo CARIOLATO 2nd : sandro CORIASCO3rd : gabriele MAZZA

Round 1 (2014-05-25)

gabriele MAZZA (Def.,A) ::: beats ... sergio PUZZIELLO (Att.,X) in CDN29 Distinguished Service
paolo CARIOLATO (Def.,A) ::: beats ... sandro CORIASCO (Att.,X) in CDN29 Distinguished Service

Round 2 (2014-05-25)

paolo CARIOLATO (Def.,A) ::: beats ... gabriele MAZZA (Att.,X) in FRF23 Elephants Unleashed
sandro CORIASCO (Att.,X) ::: beats ... sergio PUZZIELLO (Def.,A) in FRF23 Elephants Unleashed

Round 3 (2014-05-26)

paolo CARIOLATO (Att.,A) ::: beats ... sergio PUZZIELLO (Def.,X) in CDN10 Per l'Onore d'Italia
sandro CORIASCO (Att.,A) ::: beats ... gabriele MAZZA (Def.,X) in FRF29 Sting of the Italian Hornet