Detailed recap of all games for ASL ITALIA [ITAL_13]

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"ASL ITALIA" (8th edition)
June-2013 Carimate Italia
17 Players from 8 Countries 38 games played
Winner : enrico CATANZARO 2nd : brian WIERSMA3rd : fabrizio DA PRA

Round 1 (2013-06-14)

alessandro DE MICHELIS (Att.,X) ::: beats ... edoardo GIARONI (Def.,A) in AP75
andrea PAGNI (Def.,X) ::: beats ... daniel TAKAI (Att.,A) in FRF29 Sting of the Italian Hornet
miguel GUERRERO (Def.,X) ::: ties w/ ... federico CORSO (Att.,A) in FRF29 Sting of the Italian Hornet
paolo CARIOLATO (Att.,A) ::: beats ... alessandro BRAY (Def.,X) in FRF29 Sting of the Italian Hornet
fabrizio DA PRA (Att.,A) ::: beats ... luca CERESA (Def.,X) in SP208
enrico CATANZARO (Att.,A) ::: beats ... armin DEPPE (Def.,X) in FRF29 Sting of the Italian Hornet
brian WIERSMA (Att.,X) ::: beats ... mark HUMPHRIES (Def.,A) in AP75
philippe BRIAUX (Def.,A) ::: beats ... davide BENDAZZI (Att.,X) in SP208

Round 2 (2013-06-14)

alessandro BRAY (Def.,X) ::: beats ... daniel TAKAI (Att.,A) in AP74
armin DEPPE (Def.,X) ::: beats ... luca CERESA (Att.,A) in RPT58
davide BENDAZZI (Att.,A) ::: beats ... mark HUMPHRIES (Def.,X) in AP74
miguel GUERRERO (Att.,A) ::: beats ... edoardo GIARONI (Def.,X) in RPT58
paolo CARIOLATO (Att.,A) ::: beats ... federico CORSO (Def.,X) in RPT58
fabrizio DA PRA (Def.,X) ::: beats ... andrea PAGNI (Att.,A) in AP74
enrico CATANZARO (Att.,A) ::: beats ... brian WIERSMA (Def.,X) in AP74
philippe BRIAUX (Def.,X) ::: beats ... alessandro DE MICHELIS (Att.,A) in RPT58

Round 3 (2013-06-15)

daniel TAKAI (Att.,X) ::: beats ... luca CERESA (Def.,A) in AP82
edoardo GIARONI (Def.,A) ::: beats ... mark HUMPHRIES (Att.,X) in AP82
alex KOESTLER (Def.,A) ::: beats ... federico CORSO (Att.,X) in AP82
andrea PAGNI (Def.,A) ::: beats ... armin DEPPE (Att.,X) in AP82
brian WIERSMA (Def.,A) ::: beats ... davide BENDAZZI (Att.,X) in OB6
miguel GUERRERO (Att.,X) ::: beats ... alessandro DE MICHELIS (Def.,A) in AP82
paolo CARIOLATO (Att.,X) ::: ties w/ ... fabrizio DA PRA (Def.,A) in AP82
enrico CATANZARO (Att.,X) ::: beats ... philippe BRIAUX (Def.,A) in FRF37 Crossing Swords at Kyaukse

Round 4 (2013-06-15)

mark HUMPHRIES (Def.,X) ::: beats ... luca CERESA (Att.,A) in SP 62 Ils ne passeront pas
federico CORSO (Att.,X) ::: ties w/ ... daniel TAKAI (Def.,A) in O3
edoardo GIARONI (Att.,X) ::: beats ... armin DEPPE (Def.,A) in O3
alessandro DE MICHELIS (Att.,X) ::: beats ... davide BENDAZZI (Def.,A) in O3
brian WIERSMA (Att.,X) ::: beats ... alex KOESTLER (Def.,A) in AP78
miguel GUERRERO (Att.,X) ::: beats ... philippe BRIAUX (Def.,A) in AP78
fabrizio DA PRA (Att.,X) ::: beats ... enrico CATANZARO (Def.,A) in O3

Round 5 (2013-06-16)

mark HUMPHRIES (Att.,A) ::: beats ... armin DEPPE (Def.,X) in AP79
daniel TAKAI (Att.,A) ::: beats ... davide BENDAZZI (Def.,X) in FT171
philippe BRIAUX (Att.,A) ::: beats ... alex KOESTLER (Def.,X) in FT171
enrico CATANZARO (Def.,X) ::: beats ... edoardo GIARONI (Att.,A) in FT171
brian WIERSMA (Att.,A) ::: beats ... alessandro DE MICHELIS (Def.,X) in FT171
miguel GUERRERO (Def.,X) ::: ties w/ ... fabrizio DA PRA (Att.,A) in FT171
federico CORSO (Att.,A) ::: beats ... luca CERESA (Def.,X) in FT171