Detailed recap of all games for Bitter End [B-END_16]

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"Bitter End" (0th edition)
April-May:2016 NC USA
35 Players from 1 Countries 52 games played
Winner : 2nd : 3rd :

Day : 2016-04-29

Will WILLOW (Att.,A) ::: beats ... race CARTER (Def.,X) in BFP144
tim BRIEADDY (Att.,X) ::: beats ... eric ORTEGA (Def.,A) in FRF64
Ray WOLOSZYN (Def.,A) ::: beats ... darrell WRIGHT (Att.,X) in J178
Dave STEPHENS (Att.,X) ::: beats ... john DOBBER (Def.,A) in J178
mika HARVIALA (Att.,X) ::: beats ... Randy STRADER (Def.,A) in YASL 3
william STOPPEL (Def.,A) ::: beats ... tim BRIEADDY (Att.,X) in YASL 3
Ray WOLOSZYN (Def.,A) ::: beats ... Tom HARPER (Att.,X) in J176
darrell WRIGHT (Att.,X) ::: beats ... race CARTER (Def.,A) in J169
Dave STEPHENS (Att.,X) ::: beats ... Mike JOHNSTON (Def.,A) in BFP 22
jeff WALDON (Def.,A) ::: beats ... Chris TROUT (Att.,X) in T 4 Shklov's Labors Lost
Tom ARNOLD (Def.,A) ::: beats ... doug SHEPPARD (Att.,X) in T 4 Shklov's Labors Lost
nelson HARRIS (Def.,X) ::: beats ... Jim HOLT (Att.,A) in BFP114
scott BLANTON (Att.,A) ::: beats ... gary BARTLETT (Def.,X) in BFP114
Dave REENSTRA (Def.,X) ::: beats ... Mike JOHNSTON (Att.,A) in BFP114
Ed Jr. FRITZ (Att.,A) ::: beats ... Tom HARPER (Def.,X) in J179
jeremy MACIEJEWSKI (Def.,X) ::: beats ... darrell WRIGHT (Att.,A) in J179
Alan Wayne SALTZMAN (Att.,A) ::: beats ... john DOBBER (Def.,X) in G25 The T-Patchers
brent CRAWFORD (Def.,X) ::: beats ... Randy STRADER (Att.,A) in G25 The T-Patchers
jamie CRIBBS (Att.,X) ::: beats ... ken KNOTT (Def.,A) in FRF64
john DOBBER (Att.,X) ::: beats ... Dave REENSTRA (Def.,A) in BFP129
mika HARVIALA (Att.,X) ::: beats ... gary BARTLETT (Def.,A) in BFP129
jeremy MACIEJEWSKI (Att.,X) ::: beats ... Will WILLOW (Def.,A) in J176
phil PALMER (Def.,A) ::: beats ... brent CRAWFORD (Att.,X) in BFP130
anthony FLANAGAN (Att.,X) ::: beats ... ken KNOTT (Def.,A) in J178
Alan Wayne SALTZMAN (Def.,A) ::: beats ... Alex STOKES (Att.,X) in BFP 22
ken DAUGHETY (Def.,A) ::: beats ... Alan Wayne SALTZMAN (Att.,X) in BFP130
derek RITTER (Att.,X) ::: beats ... jeremy MACIEJEWSKI (Def.,A) in SIL 6
ken DAUGHETY (Def.,A) ::: beats ... Chris TROUT (Att.,X) in BFP129
derek RITTER (Att.,X) ::: beats ... Jim HOLT (Def.,A) in BFP 22
ken KNOTT (Att.,X) ::: beats ... spencer ARMSTRONG (Def.,A) in BFP129
Randy STRADER (Att.,X) ::: beats ... jamie CRIBBS (Def.,A) in BFP129
tim BRIEADDY (Att.,X) ::: beats ... ryan SCHUTZ (Def.,A) in BFP 22
william STOPPEL (Def.,A) ::: beats ... Tom ARNOLD (Att.,X) in J176
phil PALMER (Def.,A) ::: beats ... doug SHEPPARD (Att.,X) in J176
brent CRAWFORD (Att.,X) ::: beats ... Ed Jr. FRITZ (Def.,A) in BFP129
anthony FLANAGAN (Def.,A) ::: beats ... jeff WALDON (Att.,X) in J176

Day : 2016-04-30

Dave REENSTRA (Def.,X) ::: beats ... nelson HARRIS (Att.,A) in BFP118
brent CRAWFORD (Def.,X) ::: beats ... Alan Wayne SALTZMAN (Att.,A) in J178
Ed Jr. FRITZ (Att.,A) ::: beats ... jeremy MACIEJEWSKI (Def.,X) in AP73
scott BLANTON (Att.,A) ::: beats ... Will WILLOW (Def.,X) in BFP115
phil PALMER (Def.,A) ::: beats ... derek RITTER (Att.,X) in BF113
derek RITTER (Att.,X) ::: beats ... ken DAUGHETY (Def.,A) in J 24 Smashing the 3rd
phil PALMER (Def.,A) ::: beats ... anthony FLANAGAN (Att.,X) in BFP133
mika HARVIALA (Def.,A) ::: beats ... william STOPPEL (Att.,X) in BFP116
Ray WOLOSZYN (Att.,X) ::: beats ... Dave STEPHENS (Def.,A) in BFP133
Ray WOLOSZYN (Def.,A) ::: beats ... mika HARVIALA (Att.,X) in BFP141
jeff WALDON (Def.,A) ::: beats ... tim BRIEADDY (Att.,X) in BFP 90
Tom ARNOLD (Att.,X) ::: beats ... jamie CRIBBS (Def.,A) in BFP 90

Day : 2016-05-01

brent CRAWFORD ::: beats ... Ed Jr. FRITZ in J173
phil PALMER (Def.,A) ::: beats ... Ray WOLOSZYN (Att.,X) in BFP135
scott BLANTON (Def.,X) ::: beats ... Dave REENSTRA (Att.,A) in BFP127
Tom ARNOLD (Att.,X) ::: beats ... jeff WALDON (Def.,A) in BFP 89